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  • US Chamber of Commerce Endorses David Rouzer

    Wilmington, NC – The US Chamber of Commerce endorsed David Rouzer’s campaign for Congress at a press conference in Wilmington Thursday afternoon.  Moore Hallmark, Executive Director of the Southeastern Region Office of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, joined David Rouzer and local business owners at the Wilmington Regional Association of REALTORS for the announcement. Rex Creech, […]

  • Stop the Stupidity

    What if you had to ask the Environmental Protection Agency for permission before building an addition on your home, landscaping your yard, or planting crops on your farm? That’s exactly what families, small businesses, farmers, realtors, and property owners within every part of the Seventh District will be facing if the EPA’s proposed expansion of […]

  • Seven Trillion

    Poll after poll shows Americans are increasingly worried about our national debt. And is it any wonder? Since President Obama took office, over $7 trillion has been added to the federal debt. I support a balanced budget amendment that requires Washington to get its fiscal house in order and prevents the federal government from spending more money than […]

  • Driving

  • Holding President Obama Accountable

    Over the last 6 years, this President has consistently proven that he is a better campaigner than leader, more interested in political rhetoric than running the government. That has never been more clear than with the disastrous scandal involving the Veterans’ Affairs Administration. Thousands of veterans have been placed on inexcusably long wait lists due […]