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  • Senate Races of the Century

    In the end, it will come down to Georgia. There will be two run-off elections for both of Georgia’s U.S. Senate seats in January, and whoever wins those will control the Senate should Joe Biden and Kamala Harris be sworn in on January 20th. Republicans have two strong candidates, Senators David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler. […]

  • How You Can Help

    As our nation continues to cope with the coronavirus outbreak, there’s one question I hear from my friends and neighbors across North Carolina’s 7th District more than any other: “What can I do to help those in need?”   The most important thing for all of us right now is to ensure we’re following the CDC’s guidelines […]

  • Quite a Week

    Last week was quite a week. Most importantly, the U.S. Senate acquitted President Trump of the charges brought against him in the Articles of Impeachment passed by House Democrats late last year.   It’s the long-overdue end of a partisan, politically-driven process that has debilitated Congress since it was launched months ago. All this process has done is divide the country that […]