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Holding President Obama Accountable

Over the last 6 years, this President has consistently proven that he is a better campaigner than leader, more interested in political rhetoric than running the government.

That has never been more clear than with the disastrous scandal involving the Veterans’ Affairs Administration. Thousands of veterans have been placed on inexcusably long wait lists due to mismanagement and deceptive practices in offices around the country.

Our men and women in uniform and their families make tremendous sacrifices to protect our freedoms and they deserve more from the federal government than accounting tricks and interminable waiting periods.

Our veterans are sacred – the Veteran’s Affairs Administration is not. It’s past time for drastic changes in the system, and last week Congress took an important first step toward addressing some of the most significant issues.

The legislation, which has broad bipartisan support in both the House and Senate, will provide veterans with an avenue for seeking critical health care outside of the VA system. The bill also seeks to hold bureaucrats at the VA accountable by allowing the VA to fire or demote key employees for poor performance or misconduct.

The Veterans’ Access, Choice, and Accountability Act is an important step forward in reforming the VA system and holding leaders at the VA Administration accountable. This is the the kind of legislation I will support and advance if I’m elected to Congress.

I was encouraged to see this legislation move so quickly through the House and Senate over the last month, and I’m reminded once again how important it is that we have strong conservative leadership in Washington.

With strong conservatives in Congress, we can continue to hold the President and the leaders of the Veterans’ Affairs Administration accountable.