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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The first 100 days in Congress are now in the rear view mirror for Rep. David Rouzer.

The Republican replaced Democrat Mike McIntyre in the 7th District in January.

“Congress is not an easy place to get business done,” Rouzer said.

Rouzer says it’s been a hectic 100 days.

“I typically don’t see my desk until the end of the day; about 9:30 at night,” Rouzer said.

A long day that he says leads to good things, like passing a bill for better Medicare access.

“That’s good news for seniors, because not many of them will be terminated by their respective doctors because they were cutting medicare patients left and right,” Rouzer said.

Rouzer hopes he can also bring good news to more than just seniors, but all North Carolinians affected by the death tax on inherited property. In a bill he co-sponsored to give small business relief Rouzer hopes to repeal the death tax.

“That really is government theft at its finest,” Rouzer said. “I can’t think of anything more demoralizing than when you pass the family farm down generation by generation and then you get hit with a tax bill and you have to sell the property, sell the farm in order to pay the tax bill.”

While Rouzer says he’s helped sponsor and pass many bills, he’s also completed casework for 345 constituents.

“Those are some of the moments that you treasure the most, where you can see that you’re making a difference for an individual,” Rouzer said.

Rouzer still has many more moments ahead of him., but he’s got plans for them.

“Several bills that I’ve filed,” Rouzer said. “One of them deals with the IRS and then another bill deals with Welfare. That is a bill to require drug testing for Welfare benefits.”

Rouzer also said for the first time in years both the house and the senate reported a budget before March.