David Rouzer is a proven conservative leader who will go to Washington to fight for the families and small businesses of Eastern North Carolina.

Iran continues to exploit America's weak foreign policy, pushing the limits while marching towards a bomb. https://t.co/MH8HA37HTt
26 Jul
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Because of this administration's inept foreign policy and demonstrated weakness, America is viewed as weak and irrelevant by every terrorist organization and tyrant in the world. This presidential election is absolutely critical to strengthening our influence around the world and keeping Americans safe both at home and abroad. With so much at stake, we cannot afford to elect a candidate who has continuously jeopardized our national security for her own benefit. That's why we must unite behind and vote for Donald Trump. Anything else paves the way for this foreign policy to continue if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

1 day ago

We see more proof every day that a foreign policy of weakness, giveaways to Iran, and general disengagement is making the world far more dangerous. Now we have Iran, once again, detaining one of our own.

2 days ago

Tonight in Cleveland our nominee Donald Trump will be addressing the Republican National Convention. What would you like to hear from him? Click below to take the survey and share your thoughts with me!

7 days ago

We must defeat radical Islamic terrorism so we can keep Americans safe both at home and abroad, repeal the onerous rules and regulations put in place by the Obama Administration, and nominate judges to the Supreme Court that will uphold our Constitution. With so much at stake, Donald Trump is the only candidate who can get America back on track. We must unite behind him to prevent another four years of the failed Obama policies which are destroying our country.

1 week ago

President Obama must stop playing politics and take a strong stance against the murder of our Police Officers.

1 week ago

We had the opportunity to tour the dredge at Topsail Beach today. See more pictures on our Facebook page: Facebook.com/electdavidrouzer
We had the opportunity to tour Liberty Medical Supply in Whiteville today. Thanks to everyone at Liberty for taking time to show us the facility and tell us about the important issues your business is facing. #NC07
It will be an honor to serve on the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee and the House Agriculture Committee. Both of these committees are vitally important to North Carolina.
Visited the Library of Congress today. This picture was taken in the Reading Room.

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